Concierge Services

Our licensed and bonded Concierge in the lobby of your building provides an exceptional service to both residents and visitors.

  • Provides hospitality and security services that protect people and property.

  • Increases property values.

  • Adds a competitive edge in sales and rental markets.

  • Provides more services than a Security Guard – you can tailor the job description to suit your individual needs:

    Patrol the building interior and exterior including parkades, receive parcels, monitor parking, enforce bylaws, respond to noise complaints, coordinate emergency response, coordinate trades working in the building, and so on.

  • Offers a warm welcome home to residents and assistance to visitors.

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Site Security

Eureka provides quality professional security personnel to suit your security needs. Eureka personnel arrive on site equipped with the training and knowledge required to handle all situations. Whether it is your apartment / condo complex, business, construction or demolition site, or fire site, Security officers:

  • Patrol on site to protect property, residents, employees, and visitors

  • Are trained and licensed through the Basic Security Training I & II Program under the Attorney General of BC.

  • Are First-Aid certified.

  • Are trained and experienced in the hotel and hospitality business to emphasize customer service.

  • Prevent crime on your property such as auto burglary and theft, vandalism, trespassing, and so on.

  • Respond and put an end to noise issues.

  • Attend to emergency situations e.g. fire, flood.

  • Respond to all resident and visitor questions and problems.


Bicycle Patrols

Bicycle Patrol Officers are your ‘eyes on the street’, providing an effective and protective on-site presence. Their primary function is crime prevention and public relations. They:

  • Are highly visible to residents and the public.

  • Have the facility to patrol your property on a frequent and continuous basis.

  • Can readily approach people to determine their status and respond to questions.

  • Respond quickly to emergencies and foil crimes in progress.



Event Security

Eureka Security Officers provide effective crowd management solutions. They are fully trained in crowd control techniques to ensure that clients, staff, guests and property are not at risk.

  • Licensed premises

  • Private functions

  • Corporate events.

Ensures that your event is safe, secure, and portrays the best possible image.

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Drive Through Patrol

Eureka security officers drive through commercial properties after business hours or on properties not open to the public. This patrol service offers a part-time security option that is more cost-effective, as security guards do not remain on site. We reduce and deter crime using marked and unmarked vehicles patrolling at varying intervals from dusk to dawn. All patrols are performed by uniformed security personnel. We post warning signs that state the property is patrolled by Eureka Security Services.

The patrol:

  • Observes all accessible gates, doors and windows and makes sure they are secured

  • Reports conditions found on the property to the business owner or the police

  • Ensures that unauthorized persons are not trespassing on private property

  • Deters property loss and vandalism after business hours.


Alarm Response

Tired of those 3 a.m. calls? Paying too much in alarm fees? Eureka Security Patrol takes care of those headaches for you. Have your alarm company call us no matter what time of the day or night and we will respond, inspect and secure your property for a fraction of the cost charged by most police and fire departments. You get to stay home and sleep, resting assured that Eureka is on the job.


Building Management

Eureka offers you a fresh, innovative and enthusiastic approach to all your strata needs. We value your business and pride ourselves on providing you with reliable and courteous staff, accurate reporting and timely communication.

We work with the Strata Council and property management to help achieve your goals. Eureka provides efficient management of day-to-day operations of condominium complexes or commercial buildings, large or small.

Our expertise includes:

  • Administration and management

  • Security and policing.

Eureka’s record of success speaks for itself in many high profile condominium buildings, hotels, and parkades in the greater Vancouver area.

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