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Commercial & Residential Security

Eureka provides high quality and dependable commercial and residential security services. Our full scale security services are effective for properties in all industries and sectors. We offer a wide selection of security services including concierge service, site security, bike patrol, event security, drive through patrol, alarm response and building management. We can customize our security services to meet your unique security needs.

Get Complete Security Solutions

Whether you need security for a special event or ongoing security for your property, we have the complete security solutions you need to protect your property and building. We understand that no two properties require the same level and scope of security. Some have basic needs while others require full scale security and building management solutions. We all you to customize your security needs, providing you with more flexible options.

Concierge Services

Eureka Concierge services provide a wide variety of services to meet the needs of your luxurious residential community. We offer the finest 24 hours Concierge service to greet and attend the needs of residents and guests no matter how large or small your community is, your Eureka Concierge will multitask with finesse.  The on site Concierge service adds commercial appeal to any residential developments, thereby facilitating the sale and marketing of the site. Our enhanced Concierge services offered at affordable rates, greatly increases resident satisfaction and promotes a strong sense of community. We can alleviate the day to day pressure of the managing agent by acting as an intermediary with the residents.By having Eureka at your property, you are sure to impress everyone that enters your building. 

Onsite Security

Have a site you want to protect? Want to improve security? Our personnel arrive on site equipped with the training and knowledge required to handle all situations. We are trained and licensed through the Basic Security Training I & II Program under the Attorney General of BC. Our team is First-Aid certified and experienced in the hotel and hospitality business to emphasize customer service. We provide onsite security for all types of properties, including apartment / condo complexes, businesses, construction or demolition sites, or fire site, and more. Our security officers will protect your residents, employees and visitors. We will prevent crime on your property such as auto burglary and theft, vandalism, and trespassing, and son respond and put an end to noise issues and assist with all resident and visitor questions and problems.

Bicycle Patrol

Looking for a highly visible security presence for your property? Bicycle patrol is an ideal solution for you. Bicycle patrol officers are your ‘eyes on the street’, providing an effective and protective on-site presence. Their primary function is crime prevention. Our team is highly visible to residents and the public. We will patrol your property on a frequent and continuous basis. We will readily approach people to determine their status and respond to questions and always be ready to Respond quickly to emergencies and stop crimes in progress.

Event Security

Have an important event coming up? Looking for a custom event security solution to ensure your event runs according to plan? Eureka Security Officers provide effective event and crowd management solutions. We are fully trained in crowd control techniques to ensure that clients, staff, guests and property are not at risk. We offer event security for all types of events and locations, including licensed premises, private functions, corporate events and more. We’ll ensure that your event is safe, secure, and portrays the best possible image.

Drive Through Patrol

Eureka security has been providing drive through security patrol service to better service the needs of community. Drive through security patrols serves useful purpose. Drive through patrol service does not remain on site and generally uses a vehicle to make the rounds. This type of patrol is less expensive then on site security guard because of limited time spent on the property. Eureka security provide highly visible, drive through security services which is ideal for the patrol of commercial properties after business hours or on properties not open to the public. One purpose of this type of patrol is to observe all accessible gates, doors and windows and make sure they are secured, and to report the conditions found on the property to the business owner or the police. We make sure no unauthorized persons are trespassing on private property. We solve the primary goal of drive through security patrol to deter property loss and vandalism after business hours. We have effectively been able to reduce and deter crime in our community using marked and unmarked vehicles patrolling at various unannounced intervals from dusk to dawn. All patrols are performed by uniformed security personals. We post the warning signs which states property is patrolled by Eureka Security Services.

Alarm Response

Tired of those 3 a.m. calls? Paying too much in alarm fees? Eureka Security Patrol takes care of those headaches for you. Have your alarm company call us no matter what time of the day or night and we will respond, inspect and secure your property for a fraction of the cost charged by most police and fire departments. You get to stay home and sleep, resting assured that Eureka is on the job. The only alarm you’ll hear is the one to wake you up in the morning.

Building Management

Looking for a reliable team to manage your building or property? Want an all in one management and security solution? Eureka offers you a fresh, innovative and enthusiastic approach to all your strata needs. We value your business and pride ourselves on providing you with dependable and courteous staff, accurate reporting and timely communication. We work with the Strata Council and property management to help achieve your goals. Eureka provides efficient management of day-to-day operations of condominium complexes or commercial buildings, large or small. Eureka’s record of success speaks for itself in many high profile condominium buildings, hotels, and parkades in the greater Vancouver area.


Our guards complete daily activity reports and incident reports for each site they patrol. We believe it is important to provide DAR and incident reports to our client on daily basis. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t receive a written report, assume that the patrol did not occur and don’t pay for the service until you receive one. We ensure that reports are written and submitted in timely manner. Detailed activity and incident reports are crucial to property owner. It is form of supervision and holds the security service accountable for patrolling the property agreed. In addition to communicating what was observed in the parking lot, the reports provide important documentation in case of a lawsuit alleging inadequate security.

An Exceptionally Trained And Educated Security Team

All of our security team undergoes extensive training and education. They are prepared to handle all situations. When you hire us, you can expect a dedication and professional staff to support your event or property security requirements. Your on-site staff members are directly supported by an operations manager. For ongoing property security, every week operations manager visits the property, completing quality assurance check to ensure your standard operating procedures are being followed.

We’re Adaptability To All Environments

We prepare carefully to manage and secure your valued property. Our team goes through training that is customized and uniquely tailored for the needs of your property. Through carefully constructed education and training, each member of Eureka Security’s staff is adaptable to all environments and wide variety of possible conditions they are asked to work in. Thus, our team is adaptable to any environment they may face.

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Read Our Client Success Stories

Mark Avrum Drutz​
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"Eureka provides the level of professionalism that we have been looking for, for years. Their Concierges are intelligent, organized, and very friendly -- they are sincerely interested in making the condo building the best. The owner/manager is hands on, ensuring that communication between the Concierges and the Strata Council is perfect. We can't believe that we spent so many years with inferior service, when we could have been excelling with Eureka."​
Nathan Enns
Senior Property Manager Crosby Property Management, Vancouver
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"I have, over the years, dealt with a number of security service companies and can state that I find Harry's enthusiasm for this job and his professional attitude to be of a very real benefit. Positive comments have been received, not only from Council members, but from individual residents."
Joanne Purser
Strata President
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"The entire team is diligent, responsive and are welcome presence as noted by the residents in the building. They are significant help in any enforcement and monitoring and communicate well with the strata and property management firm. We find there team to be reliable and professional."
Kenneth Bro
Property Manager at FirstService Residential
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"As a Strata Manager, I have used various security companies over the years. Eureka has proven to be a proactive company with great personalized service to the strata's that worked with them."
Gordon C. McRae
Gordon C. McRae
Strata President
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"I am the Strata President for BSC 2313 “The Firenze,” located at 58 Keefer, 688 Abbott, and 618 Abbott Street, Vancouver B.C.Our relationship with Eureka started almost four years ago when we hired them to supply security for our premises. We found them to be responsive to our needs, and professional in the services rendered. Due to our positive experience regarding their security services, we turned to them when we tendered the contract for building supervision. Eureka has been supplying building supervision for our strata corporation for the past five months. We have been extremely satisfied with their services to date. In this new role, Eureka continues to be responsive to our needs and supplies professional service. Mr. Sethi pays close attention to his service delivery and strives to ensure we, as his clients, are satisfied."
Bruce Adanac
Bruce Adanac
Assistant General Manager
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"The Strata Council and Building Supervisor who were present at this meeting have asked that we note for your records that there is appreciation for the work being carried out by your on site representatives (Kahadar and Karl). The Strata Council and Building Supervisor appreciate the strong work ethic of your staff and have asked that a copy of this letter be forwarded to each of these fine individuals in recognition of their good service to the Strata Corporation."
Chris McInnes
Chris McInnes
Vice President, Strata Manager AWM-Alliance Real Estate Group Ltd.
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"Eureka Security, run by Harry Sethi have been the 24 hour security team as well as Building Manager for a large multi unit Strata Corporation located downtown. They are a friendly, economical and efficient with a high level of consistency throughout their staffing lineup."
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